¿Es esto sólo un «Hasta Luego»?

¿Es esto sólo un «Hasta Luego»?

El 2 de mayo de 2014 doy por finalizado este blog. Ya no habrá más actualizaciones. Los que me seguís ya sabéis donde encontrarme. Muchas gracias por estos años. El que me encuentre ahora, no tardará mucho en encontrarme de nuevo.
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I will write this post in English because it affects an international audience.
People who know me, also know I have been complaining for a while about certain issues taking place in the WAC. One of them was the agreement with Springer for the publication of its journal and book series, as I believed an organization like the WAC should offer more accessible and ethical products, in accordance to its principles.
Today I start a boycott to Springer. This means I will have to take some important decisions like withdrawing a good paper from a book, not sending more articles to its journals, not reviewing for its journals and probably loose a great opportunity to improve my academic career. I do not care, because I believe what I am doing has sense, as I could not talk about ethics while I fail my own ethical standards. I am a small editor, tiny actually, but still growing enough to compete with the big ones. I think that if I can do certain things, other big companies should be able to do them too.
As editor, I understand how difficult is the market right now, but I also see how other big companies are not crossing certain lines. Springer did and this is why I start this boycott. Let me explain a couple of examples:
1. Prices policy:
Production costs are high, but today they have decreased a lot,  and you do not even need to produce big stocks. I am able to keep books under 20€ with a similar quality to Springer's. Why do they always charge over 50€ (normally over 100€) for materials that are not worth that much?. Same happens with journals. I will not delve into the topic, as it has been widely treated by others (Nobel's Sheckman yesterday, for example). I will just say it is not fair.
2. Review copies:
The straw that broke the camel was my attempt to get a review copy of one of their books for my journal (AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology). They sent me a link to an online resource available for 180 days. Is that how they expect people to review their books? Until now, the paper copy of a book (specially with those prices) was the only compensation we had for reviewers, but was also a kind of rule in the sector. They crossed the line.
This is mainly, but not only, why this boycott starts today. It is a shame because they are publishing very interesting works lately, but as I said before, I rather miss all that than my ethics. I do not expect anyone to join me, but I cannot hide I would like it. Because if we all demand a different way of publishing and dealing with editorial policies, we will get them. We are the consumers, the authors, the reviewers... We have the power to achieve it. I will try. Hope you follow me.
*NOTE: This is not a matter to write down a petition in Change or Avaaz, it is action.

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